From Natural Ingredients to Luxury Handcrafted Soaps

At Essential Journeys™, founder and president Kimberly Masters has found a way to combine her passions – bicycling, traveling, and creating – by handcrafting fine soaps and soothing skincare products. Luxurious natural ingredients, like aloe vera and vitamin E, moisturize and nourish the skin. We do not test on animals. However, our dog soap has been tested on humans.

Each slice of soap begins its life in a large cooker in Kimberly’s soap studio, a circa 1920’s craftsman style house tucked into a maple-lined street in the iconic town of Asheville, North Carolina. Cradled by the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge mountains, Asheville has become a mecca for artists, musicians, writers and people longing to “reconnect” with the planet, and themselves.

Vegetable glycerin, Aloe Vera, vitamin E and essential and vegetable oils simmer together in a cluster of large cookers. Every loaf of soap is made in small batches, to ensure quality and craftsmanship.

The luscious blends of essential oils and fragrances are inspired by Kimberly’s journeys around the world, and combine such memorable notes as Thai lemongrass with bright citrus zest; tropical pineapple with Caribbean coconut, and subtle heirloom garden florals with distinctive English tea.

To craft the oak leaves, butterflies, flowers, stars and other soap sculptures captured in each slice, the pure ingredients are pigmented with the appropriate colors and poured into molds, or cut and folded into distinctive shapes.

Containers of these jewel-hued soap designs decorate the Essential Journeys studio, awaiting their inclusion in a fresh loaf of soap.

As the finished hardened loaf is sliced into individual pieces, the designs dancing in the middle of each slice reveal themselves. Store owners receive the entire loaf, and can create a memorable experience for shoppers by cutting fresh slices to their customers’ specifications.

Essential Journeys also sells individual slices to customers who get to choose which fragrant memory they’ll use to decorate their home, nourish their skin and scent their bath.